Spoken English


The need of learning and gaining fluency in English is known to everyone now since it has become an International language and the world is getting globalized. One can not even imagine to make his career bright and develop his personality without gaining command over this language. More the need is elaborated, the less it would seem to be.


Over the years we have analyzed and researched over thousands of students from different walk of life and designed a tailor made methodology which works wonders and yield amazing results in form of tremendous self confidence in them.

We have observed that most of the students who crave for or aspire to be fluent in English are from Hindi Medium schools . Of late majority of them belong to rural area which constitutes 70% of India. Even most of the schools from urban area can not develop them with this skill as English in most of the school is taught as a subject and not as a language.

We begin our curriculum with teaching a student “As how to say and express everything in English”. With series of drills one is trained to have a command over it and ones mind is programmed. Our Innovative methodology in brief is just like providing water to a thirsty person. Can there be any better option than water to quench the thirst of anyone. The answer is definitely Negative! Our methodology involves series of drills , role plays, group discussions, audio sessions etc. etc., which finally makes even a weak or raw student of English “think in English” (TIE).

After completing our course one does not face any problem of English, may it he conversation with anyone, understanding his text books, writing letter of any kind. He starts loving this language and wants to make his career where communication skill is the prime need.

The details of the moduls -operand can be had only after visiting our centers.